Cheap ass .750 Steel Low Profile blemished gas block
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Wholesale clearance on these discontinued gas blocks / paperweights. 
  • .75" Steel low profile gas block.
  • Set screw style
  • low profile
  • steel

Note: no returns for this blem part. may have scratches or blemishes or rust spots on finish.  You may need to run a 5/64" drill bit through the roll pin hole to make sure it lines up well with your gas tube.  May need some tweaking, may be tight or loose, may need some loc tite or sealant , but even if there's something wrong with it you can probably make it work if you're smart enough and innovative and have built ARs before and know what you're doing. :D . It's a gas block. It's meant to connect the gas tube to the barrel and has a hole for gas to go through.  Not much to it. We're clearing these out since we use better/easier gas blocks for our builds, and these are too crappy to sell with our beautiful high quality uppers.  Now is your chance to buy a headache gas block for a bottom dollar price!

  • Item #: blemgasblock

Cheap ass .750 Steel Low Profile blemished gas block

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